Rabu, 10 Juni 2015

That's All I Can Say

" He is a fantastic communicator. He manages to keep the players happy, even the ones that aren't playing every week. He has a clear philosophy when it comes to how he wants his team to perform. In my eyes he is a very complete coach, considering his tactical and human qualities."

-Gerhard Tremmel , Swansea Goalkeeper (2011-2015), commenting about the manager who brought him to English football, Brendan Rodgers. 

well, Glen Johnson probably won't be agree with Tremmel's comment on how Mr.Rodgers rotate the squad. But wait, in case you missed it, there were one of LFC squad member that always happy even though he does not having much minutes on the pitch or manages to score a goal, Mario Balotelli.  

click here for the complete interview of transfermarkt.co.uk with Gerhard Tremmel

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